Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire

Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire

Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire At Sillence Hurn, we have an expert team who deliver progressive building consultancy and chartered surveying services for all of our clients. Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire.

If you are an investor, builder, or even an estate dealer, Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire is one of the key aspects that you cannot ignore. Constructions of all kinds need proper attention to ascertain both the condition they exist in, their financial values, details and suitability for the purpose for which they might be needed. It would be impossible to ascertain all of these without the help of surveys. It is also called structural survey, presents a detailed inspection or report of a building construction, and condition of a property. 

In this article, we shall take you through the importance of one and why you cannot do without it for serious constructions.

Health and safety

Health and safety of both the construction or building and the tenants or users is one of the very key reasons why the survey is important. For estate agents, once the ideal property has been found for purchase, rent or lease, the next step is to invite surveyors to run through it. The function of the Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire is to identify the different measures that ought to be put into place to be able to protect the employees and ensure the tenants’ safety. This way, it is able to ensure the protection of lives and properties.

Risk and claim reduction

The precaution that having to survey your building or Construction offers, helps to reduce the risks of damages and claims that might result from the collapse of construction or building collapses. In essence, the precautions taken in surveys helps to limit financial liability. This will also reduce the risk of such claims that can adversely affect your reputation as well as your profits.

Financial asset valuation

One of the importance of Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire is that it actually gives you the real financial valuation of your building or construction. As an estate agent wanting to purchase, lease or rent, you need to be aware of the value of what you are going in for. To ascertain this value, you need a survey. This tells you the actual worth of the building or construction.

Asset condition valuation

They offer a deep insight into the current situation and condition of a building. This also includes information on building defects, the materials used for the construction, and the presence of danger of hazardous materials which might include asbestos. 

Remedial solutions

This does not only help to discover the risks and danger in buildings and constructions, it equally

helps to suggest the necessary remedial works for the faulty parts. This remedial work, when carried out, can be used to support claims for a price increment or adjustment.


Commercial Building Surveys Blackfield Hampshire is an important process of building valuation. Apart from helping to provide security, report on the condition of buildings and constructions, commercial property surveys set a helpful benchmark that you can continue to maintain the property which helps to minimize long term costs and liability. It provides reports of existing or unavoidable defects in buildings and constructions. It is necessary, therefore, that you employ the services of surveyors to survey your building and constructions.