Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire

Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire

Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire At Silence Hurn Building Consultants, we have an expert team who deliver progressive building consultancy and chartered surveying services for all of our clients. Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire

When it comes to managing disputes and managing the house, there is none better than the Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire . However, choosing the best surveyor is complicated because of the various inferior individuals with such status. Let’s look at who the surveyor is, how to choose a surveyor and why you must appoint one. 

About a party wall surveyor

The surveyor is an individual who is in charge of solving disputes rented to those stated under the party wall of 1996. They are popular in America, Wales, Ireland, and London. These individuals are appointed to be unbiased when it comes to settling disputes relating to construction and general building services. 

Qualities a Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire should possess

He/she should possess the following attributes: 

Good knowledge of buildings

A surveyor should be an individual who is versed in general construction works. This is because they need this knowledge to be able to make an informed judgment when settling construction disputes.

Must know the process

A surveyor must be someone who has in-depth knowledge about all processes. Getting the required knowledge is pertinent and this can be acquired through the formal and informal avenues. 

Educational background

To select the right surveyor, kindly check the educational background and relevant qualifications they have acquired. They should be graduates of Buildings, town planning, or other surveyor backgrounds. 


 A good surveyor should be able to judge disputes in a free and fair way. Party wall laws are complicated that is why landowners employ the services of surveyors to explain the rudiments and act in an unbiased manner. 

Why is a surveyor required? 

There are many reasons why building owners need the services of a surveyor, they are:

Provision of right advice on building issues

For all landlords, they must get the best legal advice on issues. This is to avoid getting themselves cheated by other lands/building owners. So, your surveyor must know about the physical features of the building. 

For legal reasons

According to the party wall act of 1996, all landowners must get a Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire to resolve all matters relating to construction. After employing him, the surveyor only follows the action, and he isn’t bound to his owner. 

Party wall notice: who can serve it? 

While the building owner can serve his neighbor a notice, a surveyor must be consulted to avoid legal traps. Here are three notices that can be served:

Consent of works

This notice signifies that the adjoining owner isn’t interested in any processes. It is entirely the responsibility of the property owner to undertake all construction work. 

Dissent and select a surveyor

This means that the neighboring owner should pick his Party Wall Surveyor Kingston Hampshire to help their decision-making. 

Dissent and choose an agreed surveyor

This is similar to the second response, however, the main difference is that both wall owners are using a single-surveyor for their construction disputes. 

Party owners are in high demand as they offer unique construction resolution services. We have shown how to choose a surveyor and what notice responses are used to serve owners.